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You can do it! (Motivation)

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for checking out my latest post today! My sincerest apologies for the delay in posting. Whenever I write, I like to ponder on my potential subjects, think about what I would like to share about my life next, and also the way I want to structure and convey everything. My apologies, I will be more consistent from now on but your support, means everything to me! So please subscribe and share if you feel you or someone else can relate to my site.

Today my post is about motivation, motivating yourself or someone else. We all take some form of life for granted, whether it be breathing or something big like life in general. We are designed to work, take care of our family, fit in fun here and there if possible, rest, then repeat. Today I challenge you to do something to enrich your life. I have challenged myself to go outside of my comfort zone and lose the excess weight I hate, as well as put more focus into developing my blog site and brand so that it may someday be profitable for my family. I am doing this for myself and encourage you, whatever you want to do, to do it for yourself because at the end of the day, you have to live with whatever you choose to do with it.

As for my first goal, losing 30 lbs., this is a big deal to me. I admittedly lack the self control for what I eat as well as lack the motivation for losing the weight I've always hated. But I am also tired of not being able to wear what I want, feeling too insecure to take full body selfies, and more than both, tired of having to take high blood pressure pills. I have been suffering from high blood pressure on and off for about five years now. Ever since I had my third child, I have consistently weighed 220. Around that time, I was in an abusive situationship, so my self-esteem was in the toilet. I was raiding my kids snack cabinet daily. Then four years later, I gave birth to my twin sons and feared I would get bigger but surprisingly, I was still at 220 lbs. Then I moved to Georgia in 2018 and let me just say, the food was just too delicious. By the time I moved back, my weight had ballooned to a whopping 245 lbs and I could feel every pound when I walked. Luckily I shed 38 lbs with barely any exercise other than working and being on my feet. I challenged myself to do this when a friend showed me a meme that said my sign, (Aquarius) never went to the gym. Admittedly, I have never ever had a membership, but now I am ready and more determined than ever to lose the weight and regain my self confidence. No more do I want to hear that I am pretty for a big girl, or if I want to get married or have a man in my life, lose the weight. I am losing my weight for me. My happiness matters most.

As for my next goal, I want to go into business for me. There was a time where I actually said that owning my own business sounds too hard. Why work for yourself and do all the complexities that come with running your own business when you can collect a paycheck and call it a day? Yes, I was this stupid in my twenties and for most of my thirties. But we live and learn right? I had to learn the hard way that when you work for someone else, you are under their thumb, under their control. I have wasted too much of my life working in dusty dirty factories, getting paid breadcrumbs while the owner was probably off in a beach house somewhere, sipping Dom Perignon enjoying his life, collecting millions. Meanwhile I am scrimping and penny pinching, trying to make ends meet, paycheck to paycheck. Starting this blog site was my first big step towards entrepreneurship. I want something more for myself and my family but at the same time, I want to help humanity and feel fulfilled in that respect. Someday, I hope to start a few family homeless shelters as well as run a mental health/ substance abuse clinic but that is far away on my list of goals. I just want you to get an idea of the life I see someday.

This is just a few of the goals I want to accomplish in life. The gist of my post is for you to reach for more for you. We only have one life to live, not only live it with grace, but do what makes you happy, reach for that unfulfilled dream, and tackle it with a vengeance. YOU deserve to be happy. You deserve the world. But no one will do for you but you. I have seen so many people who spend their lives working jobs they hate. People who are so bitter, feeling like life cheated them. Life is not cheating you, you are cheating yourself. Open that business, go back to school, lose the weight, take that vacation but do it with happiness and satisfaction in mind. Reach for more, don't ever settle for less than what will complete you. At the end of the day, are you truly, truly happy? If the answer is no, then write down your goals, the steps it will take to accomplish said goals, then execute them. You can do it! I believe not only in me, but in you as well.

If this post relates to you in anyway, feel free to comment below! Positive feedback is also appreciated as well.💫

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