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Rest In Heaven Grandma Tricia

Updated: May 2, 2023

Hey everyone! So sorry for the delay in writing my newest post but my grandmother recently passed away and I needed some time to grieve and gather my thoughts. When my grandmother passed, I knew then that this post would be about her but I needed to see my family first, needed to mend some fences before doing this. Please if anything I write resonates with you, like, share, and subscribe to my blog. Feel free also to commentor provide feedback below. Your support means the world to me!

My grandmother, Patricia A. Hixon, was one of the strongest and most beautiful people I ever met in my life. She was truly a spitfire. A woman who was fiercely loyal and devoted to her family. She embraced others as though they were family and did not take any mess from anyone. Grandma Tricia was also a very hilarious woman without meaning to be. She told it how it was always and didn't care how it was taken or if your feelings was hurt, the truth is what it is. The pastor said it best that there was no better teacher and now that she is gone to the heavens above, class is dismissed. For the rest of my life, I will deeply, deeply miss and love her.

When I was a little girl, from the first moment I could retain any memory, it would be of either waiting eagerly for my aunt Michelle, or for my Grandmas Tricia and Portis to come retrieve me from my mother. I thought I was so lucky to have 2 grandmothers who loved and spoiled me so much but it was also confusing like, "How could I have 2 grandmothers and only one mom and dad?". In actuality when I was an adult, I finally realized my Grandma Portis was actually my Grandma Tricia's mother which made her my great grandmother. I knew then I was blessed. Not many people get to experience a great grandparent in their lives.

Anyway, my Grandma Tricia passed away on April 6, 2023. She was 82 years old and had outlived 2 of her 3 children. My Aunt Michelle and Uncle Michael preceded her in death 20 and 40 years ago. Other people would have let grief consume their life, maybe even kill them. No one wants to bury 1 child, let alone 2. She grieved and went on with her life but they were always in her heart, wherever she went, and she always had stories about them to keep their memories alive. Grandma Tricia was a survivor and me and my sisters inherited that from her and we are and always will be thankful for that.

When she died, I didn't get to speak to her in person beforehand. I wanted to come to Detroit that Sunday, April 9 but it wasn't to be. I stay at least 45 minutes to an hour from the city and my car is kind of janky, so visiting often is not easy or possible. I did get to say I loved her over the phone, so I guess I at least have that but I wanted her to send my love to my aunt and uncle, to Grandma Portis, to my Aunt Cookie. I also wanted to hold onto her one last time. Every time I could visit, I would always hold her tight, not enough to break any bones, but as tight as I could. I just never knew when last time was the last time. Boy do I have guilt in my soul, so deep, so painful. I could never visit as often as I would have liked. I did not call very often and both her and my father, which is her son, would be after me to call and communicate no matter what but life gets in the way, and even that is no excuse. We as humans take so much and so many for granted. I take full accountability for the moments and memories that could have been had and can never be now. I used to always tell her she would live forever. I wish with all my heart that that was the case.

I have so many memories of my grandmother. We argued, loved and laughed, but of course that is life in general. Whatever disagreements we had when I was young and thought I knew everything, now I see were lessons, to make me a better version of me. For that I will always be grateful. A few of my memories I can name are for one, there was one wintery day in which she woke me up to shovel her sidewalk and driveway. I was 18, used to sleeping until noon, and angry because I didn't want to do this plus I was tired from staying up the night before. I cursed the entire time. When I went in the house after finishing, Grandma Tricia gave me a warm bowl of oatmeal with raisins. I forgot my anger real quick and loved her so very much then. Another memory is of this guy coming to her door to ask for me. She answered and then yelled " Caron, this ugly boy at the door for you!" I said "Grandma, he can hear you." She then said " Hush up, that boy know he ugly!" Once my grandma escorted one of my boyfriends out of her house at gunpoint. Another warm memory is of her holding my oldest son as a newborn against her chest. I wish I could have gotten a picture of that. My grandmother was very blessed to be able to meet and love on her great great grandchildren. She very much with all her heart loved her family, and we loved and will always love her.

We have got to love one another while here. Once we are gone, there will be no opportunities to say and show how we feel personally. I myself, believe that once we die, we all return to the sky, much like us being sent down. I also believe, though we have memory of our lives prior to transition, we do not know what is going on here on Earth. I believe it is this way because our lives of worrying and stressing are over and it is now time to rest. Grandma Tricia really was the glue that held my family together and now that she is gone, we have to work harder to keep that glue from coming undone. I have spoken with my sisters and father and vow to honor that by keeping in touch, even just to say I love you. I plan on going to our family reunion for the first time in 15 years. My cousin Dawn said that now it is only us cousins that are left as all our elders are gone. I myself will make more of an effort to make sure the glue on my end gets stronger. I will do this in loving memory of my Grandma Tricia. Rest in heavenly peace Grandma, with my love forever.😘❤️💫

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