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Be Careful Who You Put Your Trust In

Hey hey everyone! Thank you so very much for tuning into another blog post by yours truly. I am sorry for posting late, but I have been dealing with some drama and learning lessons that I would like for you to know about as well. Doing this blog is therapeutic for me. I find that since I started this site and I have encountered dramatic situations, writing about it helps me, and in doing so I hope I help others! I hope you keep tuning in to learn more about me and my life and also please subscribe to my YouTube channel @happinessisachoice2. Your support is absolutely very much appreciated!

Tonight, my latest post is about something I am going through currently. I am beyond no means perfect, but I have always tried to be fair and honest and most importantly, never mess with anyone's money. Inflation been giving s a run for our money since forever and we work for every dollar we get. Every penny just means that much to the average working "Joe". I made a deal with my so-called cousin at the beginning of July 2023. I needed a bigger roomier space for me and my five kids. He admitted that he was going through eviction at the time and wanted to move to Taylor with his now girlfriend. It seemed at the time a good deal, I would take over his lease for a 3-bedroom, 2 bathrooms with a garage and he would move out the same day. Seems like a simple plan, but little did I know, it would soon become complicated.

Right before I moved in, after stupidly giving my cousin $500 to help stop his eviction, with no receipt to document this. Ted Jr., my supposed cousin, got into a fight with hsi girlfriend. He claimed she was trying to change him, decided he was not going to move to Taylor where he had no one, in case they got into a nasty fight. He insisted our deal was still on but that he would have to go to his mother's house to stay. AT that moment, I had been drinking, and we were close enough for me to suggest him staying with me for a little while so that he could find a place. I am not the kind of person who lives with anyone, but my kids and I did not want to offer that but felt that our closeness would override that. But this offer was the beginning of the end of that.

He started doing little/big stuff. Like play his tv loud enough to be heard through the walls. Have sex loud enough for my seventeen year old daughter to hear who was right in the next room from him. His girlfriend would bring up their dogs every weekend from Taylor. After 2 weeks of this I stated that I had paid enough for me and my kids to not have to be held hostage in our rooms because of 3 pit bulls. At that particular point I had paid $1050, to date now, I have paid my "cousin" $2050. I beefed with Ted over entering my room without my permission, though he could lock his door to ensure his privacy. We got over that due to me being the bigger person, Although I did not have to be, I was trying to keep our close relationship intact and my sister was coming from Georgia, so I did not want tension. The straw that broke the camel's back was when my cousin decided to tell me he got a 7-day notice from the landlord to vacate the premises. He decided to tell me this on the 7th day after receiving the notice. The straw that destroyed the camel's back was when he said the eviction amount was $200 and then later, I find out from the leasing office and eviction, the amount was $524. He admitted that he used the money he gave for rent for getting his Ford Fusion out of the shop. Now I know he used mine and his money because he told me he owed &500 for the last late payment and I gave him $300 to be added along with his $200.

My cousin told me he would leave me the duplex as long as he got $650 for the security deposit. After I gave him that amount is when he decided to give me the news about the 7-day notice. I was furious but even more furious that instead of him being apologetic, he tried to give me a 30-day notice! He was mad that I was mad though I couldn't have felt any other type of way, he tricked and deceived me! More so though, I believe his plan was for me to move myself and my kids in and help him catch up on rent, then he was going to give me a 30-day notice while he and his girlfriend live happily ever after in the duplex. As a relief I can say that it did not work out that way. He stupidly left me an old copy of a seven-day notice that had the landlord's name and number on it so I called them after consulting Legal Aid about my rights. The landlord was not only shocked and angry but issued out another seven-day notice for violation of lease and let my cousin know this after he paid $524 to stop the eviction and spite me. This to me, is vindication. Too often evil ones are permitted to get away with doing others wrong and this was nipped in the bud and bit my cousin in the butt. But now I see him in a way I never tried to before. His drinking, his lies, has him spiraling. His materialism is more transparent than ever and his selfishness, more overt to me than ever. I am thoroughly disgusted with him as a whole person.

Don't get me wrong, I blame myself a lot in all of this. I expected my first cousin to do me right, to be honest and be fair. I say to watch for red flags in people but that should apply to anyone related by blood too. Sometimes strangers will treat you better than they will. There are too many moments in the past where I have enabled my cousin's drinking, enabled his lies about his own father. I did not encourage this behavior, but I did nothing to stop it either. This is where I fault myself completely. I read people and vibes so to be duped by my own cousin hurts. But trust and believe he has felt my wrath in more ways than one. I am not that person, the person to hate nor have hatred. The situation though, has me on edge and every day I have to look at his sad pathetic drunken face, is a day I do not.

want to see ever after this situation is over.

To you, who are reading this, I have said in one of my other posts, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. That should go double for family. And when you see their asinine behavior, I know that you do not want to be involved, but do not enable it either nor be silent. And most of all, do not do business or be trusting with this individual! And if you do, put everything, every penny, in writing! I write my posts with the exact same focus in mind, to keep people from repeating my mistakes. Even at my big age of forty, I can still make mistakes and learn from them and impart my experiences so others can avoid my pitfalls. The year is barely over, and I have so far, lost three people I loved. Had I been more patient, and less trusting, this post would cease to exist.

Do you have a similar story or know of a situation that reminds you of mine? Please comment below!💫

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